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community pantry


how our community pantry works.

Community Pantry

On behalf of the Good Food Impact, Canadian Courage Project, and Stouffville Pentecostal Church. The community food pantry is placed at Stouffville Pentecostal Church, to increase access to food and animal food products, for anyone in our community to access when they need to.

The community food pantry will aim to increase food security in our community, by acting as a 24/7 access point in the West side of our community. The community food pantry has been generously supported by Stouffville Pentecostal Church, the Whitchurch-Stouffville Legacy Fund, and Schell Lumber.

Please feel free to use the pantry as you need to. If you would like to add items to the pantry, we ask that you check expiry dates and ensure the items are new.

Frozen Nutritious Food

Stouffville Pentecostal Church has partnered with the Good Food Impact, to provide frozen nutritious meals to the community.

Anyone in need of a nutritious and delicious meal can access one from Stouffville Pentecostal Church.


How does it work? The Good Food Impact delivers frozen meals to SPC twice a month. Once at the Church, anyone can access the meals, for any reason - no questions asked. The Good Food Impact believes everyone deserves access to nutritious foods.

Know someone who could benefit from these meals? Pick meals up on their behalf or let them know about the program. 
You can pick up meals on Sundays between 9 - noon.

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