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your kids matter



what do sundays look like?

Children are important to us and so is teaching them about Jesus and his love for us. All our teachers and helpers have been screened and are given the tools to teach an age appropriate and interactive lesson to your children.

Church starts at 10am with worship and around 10:25 the children are dismissed for Sunday School. Worshiping as a family is important to us!

Nursery is available beginning at 10am. (babies - 2 years old)

Classes - Ages 3 - SK; Grades 1 - 3; Grades 4 - 8


Children will be welcomed by Pastor Lori or a ‘Team Leader’ in the back of the sanctuary. They will then be taken to their classrooms for Bible stories, Crafts and Activities and Fun!

Pick-Up after Sunday Service:

Parents are required to pick up their children from their classroom and sign them out.


Parenting Rooms are open

There are two parenting rooms and they are located on either side of the Sanctuary. We can only accommodate one family at a time in each room.


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your kids will love midweek

Tuesday nights are fun and everyone is invited and welcomed!

Every Tuesday night we have a fun and interactive evening planned with a variety of games, bible learning, crafts and a candy store.

Tuesday’s @ 6:45pm - 8:00pm - doors open at 6:30pm

Kids Club is for Jr. Kindergarten - Grade 5

What You Can Expect At Kids Club and Jr High

1 - As the children arrive we have kids music videos on the big screen and the children are encouraged to play together with action or we have board games available.

2 - Then we learn our bible story together, then break into small groups for discussion and application. This time will be interactive with lots of opportunity to makes friends.

3 - Each week we will play games, sports, skits and many different fun things. Some groups will do crafts and every five or six weeks we will have a party!

4 - The ‘Candy Store’ will be open each Tuesday night with an assortment of candy to purchase. There is also small toys if you would prefer your children don’t have candy. The maximum a child can spend each week is $1 and they will be given opportunity during the night to buy the candy.

register your kids for the fall when you arrive onsite


kids will always have a safe place here

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